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Turn your pre-owned jewelry into cash

Sell My Jewelry
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Skip the hustle and hassle of selling your jewelry. You get paid what it's worth in 24 hours.

Sell My Jewelry
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An offer you love
or your jewelry back

If you don’t love your offer—no problem. We’ll send your jewelry back and cover all costs.

Sell My Jewelry
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Sell My Jewelry

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Broken Links
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Bent Clasps
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Sell My Jewelry

Common Questions

Is it safe to send my jewelry in the mail?

Yes! When you decide to sell with us, we send you packaging specifically designed to protect your jewelry during shipping. And because your jewelry is insured, it’s just as safe in the mail as it is in your drawer at home—if not safer.

What if I change my mind after I send you my jewelry?

There is a love-your-offer Guarantee at I Want What It’s Worth. If you don’t love your offer, we’ll send your jewelry back to you, no questions asked. Return shipping is on us. The whole experience won’t cost you a dime.

When will I get paid?

You get paid within 24 hours from when we receive your jewelry at our NYC headquarters.

What type of jewelry do you accept?

We accept any jewelry that contains gold, platinum, silver, or precious stones. Whether it's a big brand-name or non-branded, we'll get you what it’s worth.

Do you take dirty, scratched, or broken jewelry?

Yes! Jewelry restoration is our specialty. When your jewelry passes through our factory, we clean, polish, and fix it—making it look like new. This allows us to pay you what your jewelry will be worth, instead of what it’s currently worth as a broken or used-looking piece.That means more money for you!

Why don’t I just walk into a jewelry store and sell my jewelry?

Because you won’t get what it’s worth. Jewelry stores have massive overhead costs and usually take months to sell their inventory. They pass those overhead costs down to you. Pawn shops are even worse—they’ll often pay less than 20% of an item’s true value.

Why sell with us:

Get Paid More

No fees, ever. Get what your jewelry is actually worth.

Love-your-offer Guarantee

An offer you love or your jewelry back. All return costs are on us.

Totally Safe

Rest easy, your jewelry is insured—up to $150,000!

Sell My Jewelry